Tax Controversy

“We resolve serious tax problems.”

There are various reasons why taxpayers may find themselves with a tax problem.  Sometimes, the taxpayer believes they are withholding enough from their paycheck or sending in appropriate estimated tax payments until they encounter a significant tax liability and do not have the funds to pay this amount.  Self-employed taxpayers may not be aware of the amount of tax they have to pay and fail to send in estimated tax payments throughout the year.  Other taxpayers may encounter financial difficulties due to poor health, economy or other unexpected events in their life, and did not make tax payments a priority. specializes in resolving all sorts of tax problems for taxpayers   Once the tax assessment moves into the Collection Division, the IRS can take enforced collection action such as levy a taxpayer’s bank account or garnish wages from a taxpayer’s paycheck.  Depending on the taxpayer’s situation, they are several options that may be approriate to resolving the tax issue.  Please see the link on the side of this page regarding the handling of tax collection matters. will schedule a free consultation to discuss your situation and what options may be available to you.